Media Spreading Bad Chocolate Science

Eating chocolate … can even help you LOSE weight!

As people around the world read the headline above and iderations of it a huge smile came across their face.

Major news outlets around the world ran stories about a study published in the International Archives of Medicine in which it concluded…

Conclusion: Consumption of chocolate with a high cocoa content can significantly increase the success of weight-loss diets.

Why You Must Eat Chocolate DailyThe article bounced the world through television, the internet, and print. It even made it into Shape magazine…

“Why You Must Eat Chocolate Daily”

Before you get too excited about your daily dose of chocolate the study was about the media. Not getting skinny.

John Bohannon, the author of the study wanted to expose how easily bad nutrition science spreads within the mainstream media.

You can listen to John Bohannon tell his story here…


Now, and this is important…

Studies are misrepresented and misquoted all the time. Sometimes it’s an oversight. But most times it’s done to fit the hyped up claims of the the fitness fugazies.

Here are a few prime examples…

  • How To Eat Whatever You Want Fri, Sat & Sun And Still Lose 3lbs Week After Week (Cornell University Study Proves It!)
  • Eat more fat, all the studies showed diets rich in fats, boost in metabolism, reduced body weight and lowered body fat mass
  • University study reveals how a 4-Minute “Hyper-Growth” Trick Adds 6 lbs of Muscle Every 20 Days!

Now when you see these out landished claims you have a few options…

You can sort through the studies yourself. You can take a chance and hope they’re legit.

Or you can follow a system that has been proven to work. Like the principles in D-1 Abs.

They’ve been around for thousands of years. They worked to get greek Olympians in shape. They work to get top college athletes in shape. And it will have you in the best shape of your life.

Don’t let the media and the fitness fugazies pull a fast one on you. Stick with what has been proven to work and will always work. I lay it all out here…

–>> How athletes get in killer shape and how you can too.

Stay strong,
Coach Jason

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