Study Says High Protein Diets As Bad As Smoking

Is A High Protein Diet Really

As Bad As Smoking?

Do You Need To Worry About High Protein Diets and Cancer?


Carbs have been the nutrition villain for a while. Looks like their time may be up. There’s a new bad boy in town.

The Paleo Diet

Carbs don’t have anything to be ashamed of, they’ve had a good run though.

The demonizing of carbs may have something to do with Dr. Atkins and his low carb diet. Since that time many low carb diets have surfaced. Most recently Paleo People have take the lead in leading the fight against carbs.

It’s nothing to see sugars labeled as toxic. A quick search will reveal people from all walks of life saying sugar is responsible for making everyone fat and sick.

Before that. Low fat diets were all the rage. If you weren’t bashing fat you didn’t know anything about health or fitness.

Now it’s protein’s turn.

Yep. Protein bashing has started.

Doesn’t leave you with much. Fat is bad, carbs are evil, and protein causes cancer.

Looks like everyone will have to resort to the Air Diet.

Protein Bashing

A recent study reports…

Eating large amounts of meat, cheese may be as deadly as smoking.

Headlines like the one below have been dominating the health and fitness pages all over the web…

A high-protein diet could be as dangerous as smoking 20 cigarettes a day, a new study has found.

Is this just a scare tactic? How much truth is there to this study? Should everyone give up eating meat, cheese, and eggs?

The guys over on Examine took a look into the research to find out.

Click here to see if protein is as bad as smoking.

You may be surprised by what they find.

Don’t worry. They cut through all the heavy science to give you something that you can read and understand.

Find out if protein is as bad as smoking…

Click here!

Getting to the truth,

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