How to do the Chin Tuck and Chin Nod Exercises

Whether your eyes are fixed on a computer, tablet, or phone, all that screen time takes it toll on you.

To counteract all that forward head posture I incorporate Chin Tucks in your workouts. They work by increasing your strength to help reduce neck stress and improve posture.

This double chin exercise works wonders. So, don’t limit them to workout times. You’ll see greater benefits the more you do them.

I recommend you perform Chin Tucks or the  double chin exercise three to four times a day.

Here are a couple videos to to serve as a reminder of proper technique.


How to do Chin Tucks

Your goal is to make a double chin. There are a few ways to achieve this. But, I like to start standing.

  1. Stand with your back to the wall. Sometimes it help if your feet are a few inches of the wall.
  2. Draw your chin backwards.
  3. Hold for a few seconds then move your chin away from your spine.

Once you feel comfortable dong chin tucks on the floor you can perform them sitting, or standing without the support of the wall or floor.

Gradually increase the holds. Start at a second or two, and work up to 10 seconds.

It’s also a great idea to follow up your chin tucks with a neck stretch and strengthening exercises to improve strength and flexibility.

Common Errors With the Chin Tuck

The most common error I see is moving the head head up or down instead of front to back.