Half-Kneeling Cable Chop

There are lots of Chop and Lift variations. This example explores the HALF Kneeling Cable Lift. Or as I like to call it, Low to High cable chop.

This is a pre exercise. We’re targeting the obliques. The 6 pack ab muscles and lower back also get involved. Though to a lesser extent.

Cable Lift (Low to High Chop)

How to Do the Half Kneeling Cable Lift

  • To get into position take a ½ kneeling position parallel to to the cable machine with the knee closest to the machine in the down position. Outside knee is over the ankle with a vertical shin.
  • Start off looking straight ahead with good posture. This about getting long through the crown of your head.
  • Brace your ab and glutes.
  • Reach across your body towards the floor.
  • From there, keep your arms straight and lift your hands diagonally over your head.
  • Under control, lower back to the starting position. This counts as one rep.
  • Complete number of programmed reps on each side.

½ Kneeling Cable Chop

Chop / Lift Variations