Sky Crunch

How to do the Sky Crunch

  1. Start by lying face up on the floor.
  2.  Extend one leg straight out so it’s lying on the floor. The other leg is bent about 45º to your torso with your foot flat on the ground.
  3. Find a spot on the ceiling straight above you. Reach your hands straight up to the spot on the ceiling. This is your starting position.
  4. To crunch… press your low back into the floor and reach your hands straight up to your spot on the ceiling. Reach until your shoulder blades are a few inches off the floor.
  5. Lower yourself back to the ground and repeat for prescribed number of reps.

Points to Remember

  • Don’t strain your neck. Head remains neutral with ears in line with your shoulders.
  • Don’t use momentum. Hands go straight up without moving forward or back.
  • Reach with your hands as you crunch up.
  • Feet and legs stay on the floor.