When Diet and Exercise Sucks

Ever have a long day?

I know I’ve had a few.

On these days all I can do is plop on the sofa and zone out before hitting the hay.

Know what I mean?

On one such night I curled up on the sofa with the misses to watch About Time.

Her choice of movie, not mine.

Though it wasn’t bad.

It was about an English guy named Tim. He was a normal guy until his 21st birthday.

Shorty after Tim’s 21st birthday his dying father tells him that he, his grandfather, and all the men in his family could travel through time.

Though they’re only limited to travel within their lifetime.

Tim uses his new powers to help people, find love and fix mistakes.

about time

And he uses his ability to spend more time with his dying father.

Before Tim’s father passes he had one last piece of advice for his son…

“re-live each day, once with all the stresses as a normal person faces, and then the second knowing what to expect from the day, and to embrace it and enjoy the day for exactly what it is.”

Tim does this for a while. Until one day when everything changes.

Getting his 3 kids ready for school. Tim sees their happiness, excitement, cheerfulness, and how they relish in the wonder of the world.

Inspired Tim realizes that it’s better to live each day once. As if it was his last. To try and enjoy his life as it happens.

From that point on, all time travel stops.

His life has bumps, ups and downs, good times and bad. However, Tim rolled with the punches to make the best of it.

The same will happen with your weight loss and body transformation.

Being health, sexy, and fit isn’t something that comes out of a bottle. It’s is a journey.

There are ups and downs. Some days will be easy. Some won’t.

But with each try and make the best of it.

Have fun.


Try different foods.

Play with different spices.

Treat yourself, eat a little of the “bad” stuff from time to time.

You diet doesn’t have to be bland. You can burn fat and lose weight eating foods you love. See for yourself.

Download these tasty recipes today…
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The same goes with exercise. If it’s getting you down, try something else.

Lifting weights is super effective so I recommend you find a routine you enjoy.

Long slow cardio can suck so get off the treadmill. Try something new and different…

  • Join a dance class.
  • Try rock climbing.
  • Do yoga.
  • Explore new areas walking
  • Play a sport (disc golf is fun for a family)

The big thing is to move more, get your heart rate up, and have fun.

There are a million different forms of cardio and workouts. If you’re looking for more ideas, reach out. I can answer any quick questions you have. Or, if you want to go more in depth I have a few remote coaching options still available.

Embrace and enjoy the process,

Jason, CSCS