Anabolic Cookbook

Looking to bulk up…

Tired of typical diet foods…

Looking to get cut and ripped…

Add muscle and keep your six pack…

Dave Ruel’s Anabolic Cookbook may be what you are looking for.

This is a review of the good and the bad with respect to Dave’s cookbook.

This review is based on my experience. I have done my best to provide you with the most complete and thorough information in order for you to determine if this recipe book and program is for you. Anabolic Cooking is a digital product that provides you with recipes along with guidelines on how to lose fat permanently and naturally, and how to build more muscle. Anabolic Cooking is only sold on the internet.

If you are still unsure about the recipe book feel free to get a FREE sample of the Anabolic Cooking, just look for the arrows on the right that will direct you to your FREE copy of some of the best recipes.

If you think that you will get use out of the 200 plus body transformation recipes I am happy to include a link for you at the bottom of the page. Even though I receive a small referral bonus if you buy the book through the link on the bottom I will provide you with a fair assessment of the cookbook.

About the Anabolic Cookbook Author

Anabolic Cooking Dave RuleAnabolic Cooking was written by Dave Ruel.

Dave Ruel or the the “Muscle Cook” is a competitive bodybuilder so he knows what it takes to eat healthy and make diet muscle building meals that help him gain muscle mass without adding belly fat.

As a nutrition coach and trainer Dave has applied his experience and knowledge helping others get fabulous result. Just this past year alone Dave has helped hundreds of people get results and get in the best shape of their lives.

Dave works with people from all walks of life some of which include:

  • bodybuilders get shredded for bodybuilding shows
  • fitness models get ready for photo-shoots
  • soccer moms transform their physiques
  • gym rats break through plateaus

Dave has 3 passions in life:

  1. Bodybuilding
  2. Nutrition
  3. Cooking

As you can see these 3 passions complement each other well and in doing so create a great foundation for his cookbook, Anabolic Cooking.

Working with clients and being a competive bodybuilder Dave knows how to…

  • build muscle
  • burn fat to lose weight
  • make bodybuilding & fitness nutrition tasty and enjoyable

What is Anabolic Cooking

Anabolic Cooking is a cookbook and complete nutrition guide for bodybuilding and fitness. Tired of boiled chicken breasts, baked potatoes and broccoli Dave, created a diet recipe book that makes nutrition exciting and flavourful.

The recipes are quick and easy…

you will not have to spend any more time in the kitchen than you normally would.

Anabolic Cooking makes it possible to cook easy and tasty meals.

Containing over 200 diet recipes, each full of flavour and contain the right ingredients to help you gain muscle and burn fat so you are able to achieve your goals faster.
Anabolic Cooking is more than a cookbook. Dave shares all the top nutrition and meal planning strategies to ensure your success.

Is Anabolic Cooking For You

In a nutshell this cookbook is for everyone. I believe a large majority of people are mislead and misinformed when it comes to nutrition and eating habits. In North America we live in one of the most overweight places in the world. And I think a book like this goes a long way in helping solve that problem.

There is no question that if you are a bodybuilder, fitness model, fitness enthusiast you will want to check it out. The recipes in the book along with the nutritional strategies will help you get in the best shape of your life.

The recipes have been created to help those training add the most muscle mass possible and drop fat to get lean for competition of photoshoots. If you just want to look good naked I think it makes sense to do what the pros do to look so good. And that is the kind of information this product provides.

Anabolic Cooking can make a cook out of anyone.

The recipes are complete and easy to follow…

common everyday kitchen utensils and supplies are used…

you even have, done for your shopping lists….

basically, everything is laid out in a nice easy to follow manner…

literally, anybody and everybody can find some benefit in the Anabolic Cooking program.

Anabolic Cooking, What You Can Expect to Find

This is more than just a cookbook. This is a complete nutritional program. At the center of the program is a cookbook itself, you’ll be getting,

  1. Anabolic Cooking – The Cookbook
  2. Nutrition and Cooking Quick Start Guide
  3. Meal Plans For Muscle Building
  4. Fat Loss Meal Plans
  5. Advanced Calorie Calculator
  6. Plus a Host of Bonuses

Within those books you can expect to find:

  • over 200 muscle building and fat burning recipes
  • complete done for your meal plans – Dave tells you, what to eat, when to eat, and how to prepare every meal
  • fundamentals of nutrition – discover what you need to eat to build muscle and burn fat
  • various cooking techniques are explained
  • complete nutritional summary
  • discover how to prepare a weeks worth of meals in under 3 hours
  • post workout nutrition secrets along with post-workout shake recipes
  • discover how to keep more money in your pocket when grocery shopping
  • how to manage cheat meals
  • everything you need to know about eating out
  • supplement suggestions

The Cookbook is organized as follows:

  • breakfast
  • chicken and poultry
  • red meat and pork
  • fish and seafood
  • salads soups and sides
  • snacks and bars
  • deserts

Free Bonus

You can get more details about each of the free bonus directly form Dave’s site so I will keep this short and list them for you. If you want more details click the link below.

—>> Anabolic Cooking

  1. Anabolicous post workout shake recipes
  2. The Ugly Truth About Supplements
  3. Anabolic Cooking Training And Food Log
  4. Unlimited Lifetime Updates

Again if you want to get more details on Dave’s bonuses here is the link —>> Anabolic Cooking

Anabolic Cooking Guarantees, Pricing, And Refunds…

Anabolic Cooking has a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t like the cookbook for ANY reason, Dave will refund your money within 48 hours. Again that is a full refund, no questions asked. He does limit the refund to 60 days, which I think is fair. 2 months is plenty of time to decide if Anabolic Cooking is for you.

FInal Thoughts…

Personnaly I think Dave really filled a huge gap, I mean up until this ebook we had to search for hours on the internet for tasty meals to help us gain more muscle or lose fat, now thanks to Anabolic Cooking we have all those recipes in one place. So i give it 2 thumbs up, with the low price and guarentee what do you hae to lose?

For $47 take a look at some of the things your get:

  • The Complete Nutrition & Cooking Quickstart Guide
  • Anabolic Cooking Meal Plans For Lean Muscle Mass Gains
  • Anabolic Cooking Meal Plans For Optimum Fat Loss
  • Optimum Maximizer Advanced Calorie Calculator
  • Anabolicious Post Workout Shakes
  • The Ugly Truth About Supplements
  • Anabolic Cooking Training And Food Log
  • Unlimited Updates For Life
  • PLUS the bonuses mentioned above

Dave Rule's Anabolic Cookbook

In Conclusion

One thing that really like about this program free updates. When you purchase the product you get a lifetime subscription. You’ll always have the most up-to-date information. And that no extra cost!

This is a small thing but I noticed he uses artificial sweeteners, and I’m not a big fan of the chemical sweetener. It does look as though he’s changing to Stevia as it is in some of the directions. There is some instances where an artificial sweetener is mentioned in the list of ingredients but in the directions she has Stevia.

Something that I’m not a big fan of, is the more complicated recipes. I like the quick and easy, but he has some that are far from that.

One other thing that needs a fix is the serving sizes. They are not always listed. The nutritional information is there, but sometimes you have to figure out what a serving is. For the most part it is easy to do but for some dishes you have to think a bit.

As products go I have to say i like it and feel good recommending it. I think everyone will fond it very helpful and delicious.

Whether your goal is to build lean muscle mass, lose body fat, stay fit, perform better or simply be healthy, this cookbook is a must-have in your kitchen!

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