VitaMix Blender Review

VitaMix blender review. Is it worth the money?

If you’re trying new recipes to eat healthy, having the right tools in the kitchen makes things  easier. And a good blender is one of tools. It’s something you’ll use every day so it’s a good idea to make sure you get one lat lasts and has enough power to handle anything you throw at it.

Vitamix Review

First introduced in 1937, not only is the Vita-mix one of the simplest blenders to use. It’s consistently one of the most  powerful blenders on the market. But is it worth the money?

Check out the videos below to see it in action and how it compares.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System vs. Vitamix

How a Vitamix Pro Series Blender is Made

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The VitaMix line of blenders.

VitaMix Blender Review

The Perfect Companion

vitamix scale perfect blend

The Perfect Blend is a great addition to your kitchen.

I recommend you count calories at some point in your physique transformation. And the most accurate method is to weight your food. Measuring cups and spoons aren’t accurate.

Other scales are available. And for much less. But, what makes the perfect blend so special is the integration of a recipe app and your VitaMix. Watch the video below and see for yourself.

Is the VitaMix worth the money?

There is no question, the VitaMix is pricey. But is it worth it?

It’s reliable. I’ve had mine for over 15 years now it it works just as good as the day I brought it home. I did have to send it in for repairs once. But with a 7 year warranty that repair was 100% free. And I haven’t had an issue since using it on average once a day.

The dependably of my machine isn’t a one off. VitaMix holds top standing in Consumer Reports’ blender ratings. Feedback from nearly 30,000 Consumer Reports subscribers places the Vitamix at the top of their reliability estimates, standing out as more dependable than most other brands.

If you’re looking for versatility you can’t beat it. The Vitamin makes smoothies as smooth and thick as your heart desires. It makes hot soups, cold whole-fruit juices, sauces, nut butters, and more..

  • Cooks soup in under 5 minutes
  • Grinds whole grains into nutritious flour in minutes
  • Blends, dices or chops fruit and vegetables into healthy dips and salsas
  • Create ice-cream in just 30 seconds
  • Self cleaning
  • plus a whole lot more

If you struggle with the price, you can always get a certified reconditioned model. It’s a great way to save a few buck. Don’t worry, refurbished models come with a warranty too.