How to Loosen Up Trough Foam Rolling

A foam roller is a great tool to help you loosen up, provide temporary relief of sore muscles, and increase your range of motion.

While 90% of gyms have foam rollers, it’s still worth buying one for home, office, or travel. At a fraction of the cost of a massage, it’s one of the best investments you can make.

Foam Rolling Demo

Foam Rolling Exercises Covered

  1. Calves
  2.  Hamstrings
  3.  Glutes
  4. IT Band
  5. Hip Flexors
  6. Upper Back

The amount of time you spend on each muscle group depends on how sore and tight you feel.

Spend about 30 seconds on each muscle.

However, if you feel good, minimal foam rolling is required. Just do few passes and move on.

Other Soft Tissue Work

As an alternative, or an addition to foam rolling, you can hit trigger points with an Acumobility Trigger Point Ball, or Therapy Massage Ball.

These modalities work wonders on the tough areas like the glutes and the back of the shoulders where a foam roller can’t get to because of size or density.