Cat to Cow Pose

The Cat Camel or Cat Cow as some like to call it, is an awesome exercise. It improves your spine motion and helps reduce low back stiffness.

This exercise is used to warm-up your body and add flexibility to your spine.

How to Do the Cat Camel Exercise

  1. Start on all fours(a quadruped position). With…
    1. your wrists are directly under your shoulders
    2. fingertips pointed forward
    3. your knees directly under your hips
    4. knees and shins hip-width apart.
  2. Alternate between arching and rounding your back. Don’t force it. Each cycle takes three to four seconds.
  3. Repeat as prescribed.

Warning: If you have a neck injury, keep your head in line with your torso. Don’t drop it forward or back.

Pregnant women and those with back injuries should only perform Cat Pose. Alternate between cat pose and a neutral back.

For pregnant moms, letting the belly drop can strain the low back.

You want to feel a stretch. But, always be mindful of your limits and work within your abilities.