Where Does The Fat Go

Ever wonder what happens to the love handles when you burn fat?

Where do they go?

What Happens to Fat When You Lose Weight

Believe it or not it actually disappears into thin air.

I know this may sound like some kind of voodoo magic. But it does vanish into thin air.

Imagine this…

You’re hard at work doing an awesome routine from D-1 Abs.

To fuel this work your body pulls fat from your love handles, stomach, and other trouble areas.

Without getting too geeky on you here’s what happens.

According to the Law of Conservation of Mass, matter is neither created nor destroyed. It only gets transformed. So the fat is broken down into:

  1. Carbon (C)
  2. Hydrogen (H)
  3. Oxygen (O)

From there about 20% of it comes out as water and the other 80% is released as carbon dioxide.

So for every 10 pounds of fat you burn off…

2 pounds is shed as water in sweat and other bodily functions. The other 8 pounds is breathed out as carbon dioxide.

That’s why D-1 Abs spends more time getting you huffing an puffing than it does lying on your back doing sit-ups.

The more you huff and puff, the more fat you burn. And the more you’re doing to reveal your abs. Mix in the right exercises like D-1 Abs does and you have the perfect storm to shred your abs and get your perfect physique.

If you want the love handles to disappear into thin air grab your spot in my online coaching program. Space is limited.

Stay strong and keep on huffing and puffing,

Coach Jason
The Athlete’s Physique™

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