5 Pitfalls Leading to Back Pain

Common Mistakes At The Gym Can Lead To Disastrous Back Pain Discover How To Treat & Prevent Back Pain


From time to time I head over to Gold’s for a workout.

Yesterday was one of those days.

Seems like everytime I step into that place, or any commercial gym for that matter. I see stuff that makes me cringe.

It never fails. There is always someone doing a disastrous exercises. Kind of scares me.

Yesterday, my trip to golds was no different.

It was an upper body push day. No bench, more of a shoulder focus workout. A little push press was called for. So there I was in the squat rack doing my thing. When a guy pulls up in the rack beside me.

jaw dropping bad back exercisesBeing a strength coach I can’t help but watch.

Plus he had Olympic lifting shoes on so I was thinking, this guy means business.

My jaw dropped to the floor as I watched in awe.

Watching his squats were like watching a train wreck.

It was painful to watch. But I couldn’t turn away.

The weight was light so I thought maybe this was just his strange way to warm up.

Side note. Treat your warm ups like your work sets effort sets.

Put all your focus and attention into every lift. Even the easy ones.

I kept watching.

Hoping things would get better.

But they never did. Things may have even gotten worse.

His back was arched like a full moon.


he continued to pile on weight.

Just watching him made my back hurt. He may not have any back pain today. If he continues like this evn the most advanced preventive back pain solutions won’t help.

I see crazy stuff like this all the time. Catastrophic errors in technique and bad exercises.

Not all risks of injury are as obvious as this guys. Some seem innocent but have painful consequences.

I don’t want you getting hurt. That’s why I’m sharing this free report…

5 Pitfalls At The Gym Leading to Back Pain (There not what you would think.)

You may see this report floating around this week.

I don’t like to promote the flavors of the week but the author Rick Kaselj is my go to guy with respect to fixing injuries.

He’s brilliant when it comes to injury prevention too.

Since he’s good and back problems run rampant I thought I’d pass along his free report…


It’s actually a pretty entertaining comic style format.

It features Mad Mitch, the angriest trainer on the planet.

Makes for an interesting read.


Don’t get sidelined with a bad back,


Jason CSCS of Fitness Doctrine



PS: It’s estimated that 70% of people will experience back pain at some point in their life.

It can be brutal.

Stop you dead in your tracks.

Prevent you from doing the things you love.

If you’ve ever had back problems you know what it’s like.

If you haven’t…

count your lucky stars.

In any event. Rick’s Health Alert PDF called the 5 Pitfalls in the Gym Leading to Pain can help fix a bad back and prevent injuries.

It’s extremely useful in correcting potentially dangerous mistakes in just minutes of using the tips. Grab it here. For free…


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