Beware The Fitness Fugayzies Are After You!

Don’t eat this death-sentence food, ever!

The #1 worst workout of all time, you’re likely doing it!

Lose a pound in 15 mins, crazy but true!

Discover How You Can Gain Up To 5… 10… 15… & Even 20 Pounds Of PURE Muscle In Just 21 Days.

These are all real headlines that land in my inbox. And they’re not spam.

They come from guroo fitness experts.

As dramatic as they may sound, these headlines are the norm.


When I see these types of headlines, it makes me think of what McConaughey said in Wolf of Wall Street…

“Fugayzi, Fugahzi, it’s a wahzi, it’s a woozie, it’s a fairy dust.”


I willing to bet you’ve seen, read or heard a headline like those above. They’re everywhere.

TV, internet, and magazines are littered with these false claims.

There are a few fitness fugazies running around promoting false claims and magic potions.

Their slick marketing and bold promises offer hope and clouding judgement. It becomes difficult to know what’s real and what’s well packaged snake oil.

To make matters worse these fitness fugazies are difficult to sniff out because they blend in so well.

They look like you, me, and everyone else.

The worst offenders are masters of disguise. They take on roles that add an extra element of deception.

Some will get in incredible shape making them look the part.

Some become celebrity trainers.

Others hide behind the initials around their name, like PhD or Dr.

This extra layer of deception make sniffing out fugazies that much more difficult.

But there is one way to know if you’re dealing with one…


They always seem to stumble upon a new body transformation miracle.

Sometimes it’s a hormone.

Sometimes it’s a rare rediscovered herb.

Some get creative and introduce a new exercise gadget.

Whatever their product or potion, it’s always the latest and greatest…

“the Holy Grail of Fat Loss”
“the newest, fastest fat buster”
“the quickest way to put on muscle”


Weight loss isn’t complicated. Either is building muscle. But neither are easy.

There’s nothing magical about it. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a fugazi. A fake. A fraud.

Avoid the them and stick with the basics like athletes have been doing for thousands of years. It will be hard work….
But it will work.

If you want a quick fix you’ll have to look elsewhere. Sorry. No quick fixes here.

That doesn’t mean you’ll have to eat chicken and broccoli all the time. With the methods in D-1 Abs you can have your favorite treats and still get incredible results.  Nothing is off limits.

That doesn’t mean you’ll have to make it up in the gym.

Works are effective. No wasted time. Do what you have to and wrap it up. It’s quick and you’ll feel energized.

If you’re looking for a system that works.

One that has helped thousands of people get their perfect body and look better then ever.

Then this is the program for you…

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Jason, CSCS
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