How The Fitness Industry Uses Misdirection

So yesterday I was talking about the art of misdirection and how magician, pickpockets, and Fitness Fugazies use it.

If you missed it, the email is posted here…

>> Magicians aren’t the only ones pulling the wool over your eyes

Did you spot the misdirection?

It was very clever.

So easy to miss.

Some people thought the issue was with the study.


Some studies are better than others.

And I am suspect of this one. (22 people isn’t much of a sample size. Especially if a couple drop out. Which always happens.)

But for simplicity and arguments sake we’re going to assume the study was fine.

The trickery here has to do with what the study found and what it was used to prove.

If you remember…

The researchers found short intense exercise produced a number of favorable results. Especially when compared to long slow cardio. Or doing nothing at all.

Now here’s where the misdirection comes in.

There’s no mention of weight loss in the study. Yet…

it’s presented as evidence for choosing short workouts to burn belly fat and get lean.

I didn’t show the entire ad. But it was all about why short workouts are your best option for losing weight. And as a side note. How bad long slow cardio was at helping you get shredded.

Same Trick As The Pickpocket

So just like the pickpocket. The advertiser has diverted your attention. He got you to look where he wanted.

We can usually only focus our attention on one thing. So if we’re given anything interesting to focus on. Like the positive effects of a 4 minute workout. We won’t pay attention to other things. Like whether or not the system actually helps shed belly fat.

When you’re armed with knowledge it’s easier to protect yourself for these scams.


Save yourself the frustration and agony of another program or diet book.

Stick with what works and what has been proven to work for thousands of people.

Train like an athlete.

Don’t worry.

You don’t need to be an athlete to train like one. Or get the benefits of their style of training.

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Keep your eyes open and stay strong my friend.
Coach Jason

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